Seamlessly connect Ethereum to your application.

EthReporter is a connector between the Ethereum blockchain and traditional web applications. Using a smart polling strategy and Web3.js library, we retrieve, manage, and access data from smart contract events deployed in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Challenges for Blockchain-compatible Enterprise systems

Decentralized technologies such as blockchains present a massive paradigm shift in the way we handle financial and digital assets today. Enterprises across the world face challenges whenever they are looking to integrate their real-world production systems into the Blockchain. Traditional software architeckures and security strategies struggle against the permissionless and rapidly evolving nature of the Blockchain ecosystem. The most versatile public Blockchain, Ethereum, is particularly complicated due to the complex nature of a general-purpose ledger.

EthReporter, a solution for Blockchain-ready financial systems

Validity Labs’ EthReporter is a connector between the Ethereum blockchain and traditional (web) applications. By using a smart polling strategy and the popular battle-tested Web3.js library, EthReporter can retrieve, manage, and access data from the Ethereum Blockchain.

Unlike raw “event” data from the Blockchain which is cumbersome and slow to interact-, EthReporter allows you to subscribe to the information your system needs. EthReporter achieves so by tracking Smart Contracts that are relevant to your system, and retrieve data from them as if it was just another web service. In short, EthReporter abstracts away problems such as low-level libraries to access the blockchain data, finality, node operation and maintenance.

EthReporter has been built as a versatile and general-purpose tool to access events on the Ethereum blockchain. Typical examples are:

Feature 01

Monitor Transactions

Monitor transactions of a specific ERC20 token and update internal accounting systems.

Feature 02

Critical Events Alerts

Watch for critical events such as large token burn events and trigger alerts to different mediums.

Feature 03

Audit & Loggins

Log compliance data of on-chain whitelists and match them with specific off-chain data.

Feature 04

Swiss Excelence

Battle tested and deployed in Swiss banks and crypto platforms on highly secure environments.

Feature 05

High Availability

Able to query thousands of events via our REST API, available every time a block is mined.

Feature 06

Enterprise Setup

Install it within your own infrastructure or use it with our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

On-premise & IaaS License

We provide multiple options to set up EthReporter for your applications, either via Swiss Datacenters or within your own infrastructure supported by our qualified team.

EthReporter is a product built in 2018 by Validity Labs AG.

Validity Labs is the technical partner of choice for a range of startups as well as large corporates, offering support and know-how in the areas of blockchain-enabled solutions, decentralized applications, tokenization, initial coin offerings (ICO) and security token offerings (STO). Engineering smart contracts as well as build novel Web3 solutions from frontend to backend.

Annual contract
EthReporter in your system can provide you with
  • REST API for smart contract events
  • On-premise configuration
  • Swiss quality & data compliance
  • Development support on request


Ethereum node. As an Ethereum blockchain application, EthReporter requires a RPC-enabled Ethereum node. EthReporter is able to subscribe to external or internal node connections and can work behind proxies and firewalls.

IaaS or on-premise server. EthReporter lives within a hardened server, which can be either hosted within a Swiss-certified datacenter, or an on-premise managed server with specific security rules enabled.

EthReporter subscription Service. Within our server, EthReporter kickstarts a polling subscription system that processes and stores all events from a specific smart contract previously configured. The information is then stored in our data storage.

EthReporter data storage. The data storage is where all Ethereum events information sent from the Blockchain is stored.

EthReporter REST API Node. Finally, the REST API provides an interface for any application looking to interact with the information previously pulled and stored.


Tech stack:





REST Server

REST Server

Postgre SQL

Postgre SQL


React UI

Ethereum node

Ethereum node

Docker CE

Docker CE